Cognitive Biases

A series of cartoons showing different cognitive biases that affect our daily decisions. The full piece can be viewed here:

Graphic DesignIllustrationCartooning
^ Struggling to see a problem from the perspective of someone with less knowledge than you.
^ Refusing to abandon something unrewarding because you’ve already invested in it.
^ Believing or doing something because people around you believe or do it.
^ Believing that you could have predicted an event after it has occurred.
^ The desire to do the opposite of what is requested or
 advised, due to a perceived threat to freedom of choice.
^ Seeking and prioritising information
 that confirms your existing beliefs.
^ Overestimating the importance of information that is easiest to recall.
^ Excessively focussing on the first piece of
 information you receive when making a decision.
^ Unskilled individuals overestimating their
 abilities and experts underestimating theirs.
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